What Are Slot Machines?

At some point in your life, the word slot machine has probably been brought up. You may have played one of them, known someone that has won big or even worked along side one of them. Whatever the case without a man by the name of Charles Fey in San Francisco, California the slot machines that we know and love today may not be a part of casino life. The year 1887 and the year 1895 are both considered to be when Fey invented the machine as a poker equivalent that would payout more than poker tables actually did.

Slot machines are known as one armed bandits for the lever mechanism used to play them. Today some can still be found with this lever, although buttons are used quite frequently for play. Machines use coins, dollar bills and in some cases, casino cards that display the winnings there and are cashed in at a later time. There are even ticket style machines that print out pieces of paper with a barcode at the bottom in which you cash in at the casino for your winnings.

There are a variety of fruit symbols, numbers and letters on the machines that need to be matched in order to win. Combinations can also be used and are printed on the machines themselves. When the flashing lights start to glow brightly and the machine dings that means you are a winner. Slots are very popular in the casino world and they start at penny slots and go up from there. Those who love the games can also play online at numerous gambling sites that offer free slots and real money games. Here players can earn points for cash and prizes or just play for the thrill of the game.