Gonzo’s Quest

Playing slot machines with a theme is awesome. Games like Gonzo’s Quest give you an adventure that is more than just putting in coins and hoping for a big payout. Imagine playing online for both real money or for free, but instead of traditional wheels spinning there are falling stones and did I mention that the whole game features 3D animation. That’s right. It is an incredible video slot machine experience that you have to see to believe.

This game includes 5 reels with 20 paylines. It is a video slot machine that uses coins and the more that you put in the more paylines that you are playing for. You choose your fate and how much you want to win. As for your betting styles this game gives you the opportunity to bet between 1 and 5 coins with 1 being the minimum and with all 5 the payout is quite high as that means 100 coins are being used each time that you place and bet and spin or watch the falling rocks. Either way you could be a winner.

The mission of Gonzo’s Quest, besides winning, is to watch as Gonzalo Pizzaro makes his way to a lost city of gold called Eldorado. He must travel through the Amazon Jungle and avalanche reels that are what determines if you win or not. These are there to replace traditional reels used in slot machines. There are bonus rounds, scatter symbols and multiply symbols, which can increase your winnings. Also included are regular symbols like moons, snakes and alligators and a wild symbol that is a question mark and it can be used to complete winning configurations. There are combinations that can pay more and an auto play feature that sets up and gets you spinning faster.