Devil’s Delight

The devil went down to Georgia and brought back a slot machine with a delightful payout. You can play the slots and bankrupt the devil at the same time in Devil’s Delight. This casino favorite is a video slot machine that can be played for real cash or for free online through various gambling websites. Its largest payout is a devilish 4,000 coins with a second payout that is 2,000 coins. Ka-ching!

The specifics on this machine include 5 spinning reels with 20 available paylines. Just like any other slot machine you can choose to bet the minimum, which is 1 coin for this game, but if you bet the 10 coins that may get you a bigger payout in the end. That would be the popular max bet feature, which can turn you into a big winner in just a few rounds of game play. The regular symbols on this machine center on the deadly sins and a few devilish symbols. There is sloth, gluttony, lust, pride, wrath, a 666 symbol and a she-devil.

The wild symbol on this game takes the form of who else, but the devil. It is the saint of the slot machine when you are looking for that last piece of the winning combination. Next is a pentacle, which is used as the scatter symbol. Spin three or more of these and next is the free spin bonus round. Chi-ching once again. The most wicked feature of the devil slot machine is the soul reaper bonus. If he shows up on reels 3, 4 or 5 you are in for a bonus treat. You must match a sin to a soul, which are characters. Receive a prize and increase the SOUL-O-METER which gives you sin spins when it reaches a total of 15 souls.