Calling a slot machine Bloodsuckers is one way to get people interested in the casino way of life. It sounds like a great vampire flick, but it is a way to slay the vampire in your very own home and possibly walk home with a little extra cash in the end. This slot machine can be found online so that you can battle the best of the underworld with your max bets and strategic playing style. Its theme of horror with great picture detail, bonus spins and coffin game for bonus prizes will have you screaming for joy.

This game features 5 reels with 25 available lines for play that can be played exactly how you want them to be. There are several paylines to choose from that start with the simple straight across and lead into v lines, w lines and some that are of a swirl design and truly something to see and play with. The look of this slot machine is colorful and gruesome at the same time with symbols of female and male vampires alone and biting those destined for the vampire life with other symbols like potions, spell books, crossbows and the vampire demise: garlic also included on the slot machine board.

This game will not only suck your blood it may just take the life right out of your wallet. It can be played online through gambling websites for points that you can gamble with, but there also is a way to play it for real cash and that is online too. Vampires can be quite persuasive and this game is no different. With its shiny lights, bright colors and hints of rich red blood you may feel like running away from this machine. Make sure that you run away a winner. Since Bloodsuckers is a casino game developed by Netent, it has become very popular in Scandinavia, where all other NetEnt games are leading the market. Read more about Scandinavian casinos and NetEnt games at