Playtech launches Thor The Mighty Avenger

This is only the latest release in the Playtech Marvel slot game, but one that promises to eclipse the previous installments. The name leaves no doubt about who is the leading character in this game and invites players to compete for large line payouts of 5000 coins. Numerous new features have been introduced to Thor The Mighty Avenger and the animations are more spectacular than ever, which means that this title has all the ingredients of success.

Players will be surely impressed with the introduction of the clip that gets them fully immersed into the atmosphere of the game depicting Thor in his endless battle against evil. The characters depicted by various signs are Odin, Loki, the Gatekeeper of Asgard, Heimdall, Sif and Master of the Bifrost Bridge. Vibrant colors and attention to details guarantee the success of Thor The Mighty Avenger while the special symbols make it more profitable, whenever they are activated.

Thor’s hammer represents the scatter symbol and is the one that awards free spins whose numbers vary depending on the reels on which it appears. The respins are also possible and since all the payouts are dramatically increased whenever they are active, players are provided with the opportunity of maximizing their payouts. There are several minigames that go by the name of Thunderstorm Respin, Lightning Free Spin and the Rainbow Bridge feature which award a combination of free spins and bonuses.

One of the most captivating game, pits the players that is the challenge of choosing between two types of different free spins, one corresponding to Earth and the other to Jotunheim, Frost Giants’ land. The difference goes well beyond names and players are actually involved in distinct minigames, each of them with different outcomes and payouts. Multipliers are also in order and they can increase the payouts two, three or four times, while the best paying ones push the limits to 16X multipliers. Last but not least, Thor The Mighty Avenger players also compete for the consistent Marvel Mystery Jackpot.

The story lives on with Rubik’s Riches Arcade Slot

It’s been quite a while since Rubik invented the fascinating cube that bears his name, but people seem to never get enough of this extraordinary creation. Whether you own one yourself, or are simply trying to experiment something new, don’t miss out on Playtech’s very own version. The software developer created a game that goes by the name of Rubik’s Riches Arcade slot and it combines the best things in online gambling, with the popular features of the traditional Rubik cube.

While not so much skill is required as to be the original cube, you could certainly use some luck when playing this game. Many online casinos powered by Playtech software have introduced the slot game, and the reason for why players are so enthusiastic about it, is that Rubik’s Riches Arcade slot offers massive payouts. The ones who don’t hesitate to wager the maximum amount allowed of 500 units, are in pole position for juicy payouts, but you can still win large amounts with nothing more than 0.20 credits.

In addition to creating winning combinations by lining up similar symbols, players are invited to compete in challenging mini games. This is where the familiar features of the Rubik cube shine, and anyone who held the cube in his hands as a child will find these tests immensely rewarding. In the slot version of the game, there is more than one way of completing the game, but it all begins with three main facets that are colored differntly and feature various patterns.

One of the ways to beat the odds is by spinning the reels in such a way that in the end you will have the same colors on each face. The prizes are further increased if the player succeeds in matching all the lines on all the facets, because the payouts are indissolubly linked to the number of complete lines. Assuming that players are ready to take their chances and bet more than the next guy, they can expect to win as many as 4000 credits. As online slot games go, this amount is way above average.

You can also win by only coloring the nine squares of the same facet in the same hue, and if you achieve that, you are entitled to a bonus payout. Once again, the more you wager the more you can expect to win and those who complete the game in this manner, are presented with a sum of at least 5000 credits. This is the standard payout for a bet of a single unit, so you can only imagine how high the prices go.

There is another way of winning when playing Rubik’s Riches Arcade slot and this is one that might disappoint those who are huge fans of the original cube. The reason is that this third method has very little to do with the traditional way of solving the game, but this shortcoming is strictly compensated by the free spins that can be won. The goal is to line up different letters that appear all over the reels, to create the word Start and if you succeed, you will cash in on both face and line payouts.

Choose your side in Cowboys and Aliens slots

Playtech is on a slot games releasing flurry and most of the recent titles are inspired by TV series or movies, with Cowboys and Aliens being the perfect example. Those who are even remotely familiar with the theme in the blockbuster, are surely going to appreciate the numerous similarities between the movie and this slot game. Betfred is one of the online casinos where the game can be played, and it also runs a promotion associated to this game at

Both the movie and the slots are inspired by the comic book, and Playtech’s take doesn’t stray too much from the original theme and characters. The idea is to bring them to life using cleverly designed symbols and animations that revolve around the leading characters. No slot game would appeal to a broad audience if it wasn’t for generous payouts and Cowboys and Aliens excels with a jackpot of 10,000 coins per line. This is awarded when the wild symbol triggers a certain winning combination, which explains why the UFO symbol is sought after by players.

Don’t let the fact that Cowboys and Aliens only has nine pay lines create the wrong image, because there are plenty of prizes in store and multiple winning combinations. The main characters are Zeke and Verity, an Indian, a priest and various aliens with all of them scattered all over the reels. Playtech made it possible for players to win whenever symbols line up on the adjacent reels, which further increases the number of winning combinations. The Alien Weapon feature and the Alien Attack Bonus are triggering exciting mini games, with players being pit against the demanding task of repelling an alien invasion. The most successful ones are awarded with cash prizes, extra ammunition or multipliers.

Realtime Gaming revives Spirit of the Inca

The ancient civilization might be gone for centuries, but RTG is ready to revive it through the recently developed Spirit of the Inca. They chose a very powerful method of attracting players, as it is known that slot game enthusiasts can’t resist tempting prizes. While regular titles award thousands of dollars, this slot raises the antes and provides players with the unique opportunity of winning hundreds of thousands of dollars. There are no less than five jackpots and all of them are six digit ones, with the smallest standing at $100,000 and is properly called Mini, while the largest jackpot also known as Grand offers $300,000.

There are of course some requirements whenever a slot game presents the opportunity of huge wins, but in this case players only need to wager the maximum amount. Since not everybody is willing to risk a lot of money while getting familiar with a new game, Spirit of the Inca enables them to compete for lower jackpots when betting smaller amounts. Assuming that they are ready to take it up a notch, players should know that the promotion which is known as the Boiling Point awards the jackpots when the amounts wagered inch closer to a specific amount.

This is visibly displayed which explains why players are going to increase their stakes and play more games in a row when the values get closer to the boiling point. It is not only the opportunity of winning the six digit jackpots that makes Spirit of the Inca attractive, but also the numerous free spins which are awarded when the wild symbol appears. This is the Incan Spirit and it can only appear on the reels one and five, with players receiving up to 25 free spins.

Top Game releases Lucky Day At The Races

Top Game pleasantly surprised slot enthusiasts with its pirate themed game and now it tests the waters with a title that revolves around the fascinating world of horse racing. Lucky Day At The Races is a name that pretty much says it all, but players are guaranteed to be showered with plenty of pleasant surprises, not to mention the prizes. The entire background evokes horse races and both the top paying and lower symbols are consistent with this world. Top Game stayed true to its name and made sure that all the signs look just as well regardless of how high are the payouts they offer.

The wild symbol is the trophy and just like it does in most slot games, it replaces all the other symbols except for the scatter one. Players will immediately realize when they win the 10,000 coins jackpot because it is marked by a funky animation. A jockey picks up the trophy just before the massive payout is triggered, with five wild symbols being necessary for the jackpot to be won. The only symbol that the wild can’t replace is the scatter one, which in this case is depicted by a lady spectator.

Three such symbols will lead to free spins and four or five of them will further increase the number of spins awarded. Payouts are doubled during free spins and these can be retriggered indefinitely, which further amplifies profits. It would be unfair to forget about Lucky Day At The Races’ minigame which is triggered by the jockey symbol; players need to select a horse and hope that it wins the race, in which case the lucky player receives a maximum amount of 7500 coins.

Summon the Ghostbusters in a slot game

It’s been quite a while since the last Ghostbusters movie was released, and there are good reasons to expect the next blockbuster in the upcoming years. Meanwhile those who love the franchise can meet their favorite characters in a slot game that is based on the popular theme, in all casinos that are powered by WagerWorks software. The franchise evolved gradually over the course of time and since the early 80s when the first title was released, it gained an increasingly high number of followers.

The same lovable characters such as Egon Spangler, Raymond Stantz, Peter Venkman and Winston Zeddemore are featured in the slot game. The rest of the symbols are comprised of various high-tech gear which award lower prizes but are just as consistent with the overall theme and enrich the game. One thing that will surely bring a smile on the players faces is the fact that Ghostbusters slot game features to wild symbols. These are Gozer and the Slime and they are responsible for triggering the release of significant prizes, which would make them a pleasant sight despite their otherwise malevolent nature.

Like any respectable game, Ghostbusters has a couple of special features and meaning games that spice things out, in addition to awarding significant prizes. Those players who prefer cash bonuses are in for a treat, because the standard amount can go as high as 1000 times the wager. The Wild Reels feature is responsible for turning regular symbols into extra wilds, which also translates into additional prizes. Last but not least the Ballroom Busters Bonus is going to add excitement to what is already a thrilling title, and make Ghostbusters at game that shouldn’t be missed.

Give a warm welcome to Armadillo Artie

The lovable character is the protagonist of Cryptologic’s latest release and the slot game has already been introduced to plenty of casinos powered by their software. Even if it wasn’t for the holiday promotions and welcome bonuses, Armadillo Artie slot game would have been a powerful enough reason to jump on the bandwagon. It features some of the best visual effects in the industry and it will make it easier for players to forget about Christmas themed symbols and animations.

Instead of the snowy landscape that we are so used to, players will be introduced to an arid world where roadrunners, skunks, rattlesnakes and other easy and creatures dwell. In this world reserved only to the toughest creatures, Armadillo Artie lives and the logo depicting it is the wild symbol. It can appear on all the reels except for the first and when it does it also turns the neighboring symbols into wild ones, as long as it expands on the horizontal. Free spins are awarded whenever the bonus sign appears, and in addition to the freebies, players are invited to take part in an exciting minigame.

It goes by the name of bowling bonus and just like the name suggests it instructs players to roll the ball for significant payouts. These depend on the amount wagered, so those who are not risk-averse and like the idea of pushing the envelope are the ones that have a better chances of winning large amounts. Those who want to read more about Armadillo Artie and learn which casinos offer it already should head on to All the details about this 25 pay line slot game are available there, alongside a list of casinos featuring it.

Enter a magical world with Planet Exotica slots

Planet Exotica is the latest release in the Sneak A Peek series and a must play for those who enjoyed previous titles such as Hunky Heroes or Doctor Doctor. Most of the features that made the series so popular are present in the latest installment, alongside new functions that turn this slot game into a very innovative ones. The animation have also been greatly enhanced, and they are now triggered by regular signs in addition to wild and scatter symbols. Players can start wagering lower amounts of 0.01 coins and claw their way to the top where they can bet as much as 0.10 coins.

Newcomers should be aware of the fact that Planet Exotica has only 15 pay lines which are considerably less than what slot games feature nowadays. In order to make up for this shortcoming, players are allowed to wager more on each pay line and there is a fixed jackpot of 5000 coins. It is the wild symbol that triggers its release, and the scatter symbol awards a much smaller amount of only 100 coins. This title features a very similar prize structure to the previous games in the Sneak A Peek series and players are showered with free spins and multipliers when the bonus function is triggered.

In this particular case you need to unveil three Smooch symbols to be presented with free spins, which are not limited to a specific number but can’t be retriggered. If the Sneak A Peek Logo appears on the first reel, the bonus feature begins, and funky animations accompany a rather original minigame. Players are pit against the fun task of looking behind 12 tiles, to unveil different items of clothing that a stripper is wearing. She discards the clothes that the player succeeds to match, and with each successful attempt the account is fueled with bonus credits.

All Slots Casino unveils Frost Bite

This is one of the many slot games recently developed by Microgaming and introduced in its network of online casinos. All Slots Casino is at the forefront of the winter offensive and it is here where Frost Bite has already gone live for the benefit of avid players. If you are looking for something different from the multitude of five reel slots that are virtually everywhere, this three reel game could be exactly what you need. The fact that it features fewer reels won’t have a detrimental effect on the prizes awarded, and players will discover that Frost Bite is quite a generous slot game.

The name might be a bit intimidating, but the designers made sure that the visuals are bringing back memories of past winters without scaring off players. The atmosphere might be frosty, but the game itself looks great and if the visuals are not enough to warm up your heart, then the generous prizes surely will. The symbol that players should be looking for is the Frost Bite logo, because this is the one that awards the highest profits. It works as a multiplier and the more logos you discover the higher the prizes will be, so it goes without saying that this is quite a delightful sight.

The Jack Frost symbol serves the same purpose of maximizing payouts, but even unassuming symbols such as the snowflakes can generate massive payouts. Once again, there is strength in numbers and the more numerous the snowflakes are the better the payouts will be, but even one or two of them can produce significant winnings. More conventional symbols such as single, double or triple bars will appear on the three reels and combining them in a precise sequence with also trigger the release of major prizes.

Win a trip to Dubai with Mr Green

For those who participate in Mr. Green casino’s November promotions that has started on the 23rd and ends on November 28, it makes little difference that winter is coming. The reason players can afford to be so confident and optimistic is that this contest can see them spending half a week in Dubai. Hot temperatures and a lot of shopping opportunities await them at their destination, and Mr. Green will take care of all the financial details. When the qualifiers end, those who finish among the first will enter the November 29 grand final that will decide the big winner.

The first 15 players will receive 30 free spins, but those who finish above the 6th place will be generously rewarded with a prize of £500. This should represent a decent consolation for missing out on a once in a lifetime opportunity of traveling to Dubai on the major online casino’s expense. The lucky winner will embark in an epic adventure that will last for three days and nights, with both the accommodation and flight expenses covered.

Mr. Green will also provide them with sufficient pocket money, so that the visitor will not leave empty-handed from the largest mall in the world. £3000 should be enough to spend some quality time away from the freezing weather and satisfy your shopping needs, so there are plenty of reasons for players to take part in this November promotion. Mr. Green would prefer the winners to choose a departure and arrival date before Christmas, but he is of course willing to discuss the terms with the winner, so that the fortunate player will choose the most convenient dates.