Final Christmas Countdown at Lucky Red Casino

Only 10 days left before Christmas, yet Lucky Red Casino has already started the final Christmas countdown and in order to properly celebrate the winter holidays they offer a plethora of bonuses and freebies. On top of the list for slot games enthusiasts are the 40 free spins that are awarded every week to those who use one of the promotional codes to boost their deposits.

This promotion is special for several reasons, with one of them being the fact that on each day players are supposed to use a different bonus code. On Tuesdays, use RPLSXMAS1 for a bonus worth 65% of the deposit, and on Wednesday enter the RPLSXMAS2 for an identical amount. The bonuses grow as Christmas draws near and those who deposit an amount on Thursday and Friday get to choose between RPLSXMAS3 and RPLSXMAS4, with each of them matching the deposit by 75%.

All these bonus codes are aimed at those who want to play slots or keno and those who redeem every promotional code, will also receive 40 free spins to be used on the popular Henhouse. Those who don’t like the idea of being limited to a handful of titles, can use the RPLSXMAS4 or RPLA65CAKES codes and have their deposits matched 75%. Unlike other online casinos who make a distinction between players who opt in for slot and table games bonuses, Lucky Red Casino has the same wagering requirements for all.

Regardless of what bonus code you chose to redeem, the wagering requirements are the same: 25 times the compounded amount of the deposit and corresponding bonus. The only difference resides in the fact that some bonus codes are supposed to be cleared by playing certain games while others focus on entirely different titles. The bonuses are growing higher every day and the best payouts are expected to be made on the eve of Christmas just as it happened one year ago, so stay put.

Manhattan Slots light things up this Thanksgiving

If you thought that another month should pass before cashing in on the first promotions celebrating the winter holidays, think again. Manhattan Slots decided not to postpone the festivities and took full advantage of Thanksgiving, to announce a string of promos and first deposit bonuses.

It already began with the RPLS65HOME code which was announced on Thanksgiving and consists of any deposit being matched by 65%. Given the fact that this is a reload bonus you can use it for several times in a row and each time receive an amount of no more than $1000. The very idea of boosting your account by $3000 right away is alluring and the fact that you will also receive a $25 free chip is only the icing on the cake.

Keep in mind that the free chip is not automatically credited to your account and instead you need to get in touch with customer support. There is no reason to worry about this procedure, because the guys working for Manhattan Slots have a reputation for friendliness, celerity and uncanny ability to solve any problems. There are some wagering requirements attached to this bonus code, but they are only 25 times the combined amount, which means that players won’t have a hard time regaining the bonus.

Keno, slots and scratch card games qualify for this promotion and the free chip is only credited to the account of those who redeem the bonus codes three times in a row. Don’t let this prerequisite worry you, because there is no minimum deposit required so with a handful of dollars pretty much anyone can receive the free chip. Once the play through requirements are met, players can use the money to compete in blackjack, roulette, video poker and many more games available at Manhattan Slots.

Nothing scary about Lucky Red Casino’ Halloween bonuses

The best thing about Halloween promotions offered by online casinos is that they don’t actually end immediately after the celebration. is the place where Lucky Red Casino players can check out the available bonuses and choose those that are more likely to be converted into real cash. Even though the money is credited immediately to their account, players need to meet the wagering requirements before the funds become available for withdrawals.

Take the celebrated RPLA65DIGOUT promotional code for example, which provides players with a chance to increase their bankroll by 65% when making a deposit. There are no restrictions regarding the games to be played although some games make it easier to play through the entire amount. Those who spend a lot of time online playing casino games should capitalize on the weekly promotion that expects players to use a different code each day.

Not everybody has the time to log in on a daily basis to maximize the returns, but those who do should know that there are five distinct bonus codes. They are supposed to be used from Monday through Friday and all of them have the wagering requirements of 20 times. Compared to the vast majority of online promotions which require players to spin the entire amount 25 and even 30 times, this one is much easier to bring to fruition.

There is a catch though and it consists in the fact that players are limited to slots, Keno and scratch card games until they meet the requirements. They also receive 40 free spins which can be used at virtually any game without restrictions and they are credited to the player’s account right away. It is widely accepted that free spins are the best thing that can happen to online casino players and that’s why the current promotion at Lucky Red Casino is so popular.

The online casino is also keeping its website up to date with the list of recent winners, which is impressive and seems to be growing at an accelerated pace. Seeing the names of real players who scooped significant amounts while taking advantage of one of their numerous promotions is supposed to provide others with the impetus to deposit. This is the time of the year to capitalize on bonuses and promos and the Halloween is just the beginning, with Lucky Red Casino announcing new ones for December.

Boost your bankroll and mitigate loses at Slots Plus

Summer is gone and so are those hot days that invited you to leave your home, with the rain and wind being pretty much everything that awaits people outdoors. Having said this, those who have an account with Slots Plus and validate it these days while making a deposit, will have very few reasons to leave the comfort of their home. Not only they run the popular reload promotions, but this month, the online casino is also introducing a 20% cash back for those losses incurred the previous day.

Those who wonder how this promotion works, should know that players are supposed to use one of the numerous codes corresponding to their country. For example, Americans and Canadians should use WLDW101613TM to enjoy a 65% deposit bonus while those from abroad get to choose between WLDW101613 and WLDW101613OC. As players try to meet the wagering requirements to operate withdrawals, they will have a safety net in place and if they suffer any losses will have 20% refunded.

By using TT101713 promo code and TT101713OC if they reside outside of USA and Canada, players will have their first deposit matched 95%, while the FRKF101813 and FRKF101813OC will trigger the release of a bonus that can go up to $200. Slots Plus Casino has different promotions for the various days of the week and they are constantly refreshed, so those who have an account or plan on opening one should undertake some research to make sure they don’t miss out on any of these bonuses.

The good news is that the deposit bonuses and cashback promotions can be used in conjunction, to speed up the clearing of bonuses without risking your initial investment. The vast collection of games and the fact that new titles are added on a weekly basis, guarantees the fact that Slots Plus players won’t have to settle for second best or games that they don’t like, for the sake of receiving bonuses.

Bonuses galore at Casino Titan

Each time you make a deposit at Casino Titan you should check out whether the online casino has a promotion running, because it usually does. The difference between depositing the amount and playing right away and using the deposit code is tremendous, as sometimes the initial investment is matched up to four times. An excellent example is the current promotion which uses MOVIE bonus codes for deposits that exceed $21, with the MOVIE345 increasingly deposit by 345%.

In between, there are several bonus codes with different extensions, so if you don’t want to wait too long before making the wagering requirements, use any of them. Highrollers will be inclined to choose the one that offers the highest percentage and this attitude is not limited to slot games. Those who prefer to spend more time playing table games, should use one of these three promotional codes: TAKE118, TAKE265 and TAKE270.

What makes these codes special is that they match the initial deposit 100%, with the only difference residing in the fact that the former demands a deposit of at least $21, the second asks players to fund their account with $100 or more while the top bonus is awarded to those who deposit $400. Keep in mind that the amounts are not credited automatically to your account, but players are supposed to contact customer support. On the bright side, there are no delays in awarding the funds and once you get in touch with this department, you have the money at your disposal to wager as you see fit.

MOVIEQUEEN bonus code is a solitary bonus code that matches those deposits made for playing slot games by 222%. In addition to the lump payment, players also receive 50 free spins which are limited to one slot game, namely the Mermaid Queen. Not only those who prefer these types of games should make use of this code, but also those who are looking for a diversion from their game of choice.

Assuming you have a tendency to resist change and wouldn’t play anything but table games THRILLER1 and THRILLER2 are the bonus codes for you. Deposit $180 for the first code and $250 for the second and you will have the deposit matched by 180% or 230%. By definition, promotions last for limited periods of time so don’t postpone your deposit, if you plan on boosting your bankroll this fall.

Jackpotjoy – Win money from classic games

Jackpotjoy is an English online casino that been around for many years. Jackpotjoy is most known for the bingo games and they even won a series of prices for their website and the great bingo rooms. However, they do have a large amount of great casino games that has become very popular. The unique thing about Jackpotjoy casino is that they have made casino games out of classic games such as Zuma, Bejeweled and many more games that you probobly would recognize.

Jackpotjoy is the place for jackpots

Jackpotjoy is a suitable since they offer a load of jackpot games where you can win a fortune. Directly when you enter Jackpotjoy casino, you will se a long list of exciting jackpot games that can make you rich in seconds. You can even win huge jackpots on caribbean stud poker and bingo! Learn more about Jackpotjoy casino and open an account roday to join the fun and to get the chance of winning a huge jackpot.

New promotional codes unveiled by Manhattan Slots

The popular online casino runs two major promotions this month, one being the celebrated money back promo, which is aimed at mitigating the risks of playing slots. The second one is every bit as attractive, as it consists of a string of promotional bonus codes that can be used to boost your initial bankroll. The promo went live this weekend so those who want to play at higher limits or compete at several slots at the same time and don’t have the bankroll to do it, should take advantage of these codes.

Obviously, these are not the only type of games that Manhattan Slots has to offer, but they have the best conversion rate for those who want to withdraw the money as soon as possible. As for the wagering requirements, they are on par with industry standards and customer support goes to great lengths to explain everything to bonus eligible players. In order to learn more about how to redeem the bonuses and what former players experienced, visit

Depending on the amount deposited, players will be eligible for smaller or larger bonus, with the RPLA65UPPER promotional code being used regardless of deposit. It will match the amount by 65% for those who deposit less than $50, while the amount is boosted to 75% if this threshold is exceeded. This is why those who used to make successive deposits should have some patience and wait to gather all their money and make a single deposit to maximize the bonus.

This promotion won’t run indefinitely, but the good news is that Manhattan Slots has a tradition in replacing obsolete promos with new ones. Meanwhile, those who took advantage of these bonus, should know that there is a 25 times play through requirement that includes both the deposit and the bonus amount. Make sure you know exactly which the turnaround ratio at each game is, so that you won’t wait for too long before the funds become available for withdrawal.

It comes as no surprise that this is the place where slot games are favored, both video and classical ones and the name of the casino is the best hint. Nevertheless, if time is on your side and you are not in a rush to withdraw the bonus, it is perfectly safe to play your favorite game being it Baccarat, Roulette, video poker, blackjack or anything available in Manhattan Slots’ offer.

Swedish online casinos

The Swedish casino market is growing rapidly and there are now a few really good, Swedish casinos that even stretch their market to other parts of Europe. The best features with Swedish casinos is the high security and the websites that most often are responsive for mobile platforms. Leo Vegas, that is the most popular casino in Sweden at the moment, offer a mobile casino experience out of the ordinary. When you visit a Swedish casino site, you can immediately see a big difference compared to other European gambling sites. The Swedish layouts gives a very clean and modern feeling whilst other gambling sites are stacked with links, information and offers drowned in blinking effects and moving elements.


Relaxed online casino

We are used to gambling sites with a lot of action, effects and movement. Swedish online casino sites gives a more relaxed feeling, a balance that gives you a calm but still makes the games very exciting. Learn more about online casino in Sweden and give one of them a try. It´s really an experience that makes these casinos grown all over Europe, every day.

Lucky Red Casino mixes juicy bonuses and promos

A new month is upon us and Lucky Red Casino thinks it is worth celebrating it with a string of bonus codes and promotions. All of them were made public on their official website in the promo section, so current and prospective members are encouraged to check it out and choose for themselves. A great way to kick it off is by using the RPLA66OPEN bonus code which will have your first deposit matched 66%.

The maximum amount that can be redeemed using this bonus code is a massive $1000, but those who have enough resources at their disposal can raise the antes. More precisely, they can use the same bonus code several times until they have enough money in their bankrolls to compete at the limits they desire. At the opposite end of the spectrum, there are players who can’t afford to invest more than double digit numbers and luckily for them Lucky Red Casino has dedicated bonus codes.

One shining example is RFLS25CB which is aimed at helping those who deposit small amounts enjoy the same perks as their richer counterparts. This is a reload bonus, which means that players can redeem them several times before the end of the promotion and the play through requirements are moderate. They get to choose between video and classic slots although they are expected to roll over the entire amount 25 times. This includes the bonus and the deposit but it shouldn’t be long until the requirements are met.

If there is one trick with this bonus, then this has to be the fact that players are required to send an e-mail to the customer support to receive their bonus. Powered by Realtime Gaming casino software, Lucky Red Casino doesn’t present its members with the difficult decision of choosing subpar games for the sake of bonuses. What you see is what you get and at the end of the day these extra amounts of money are only the icing on the cake because what truly matters is the outstanding gaming experience.

Omni Casino unveils special promos this August

Those who spend enough time online playing casino games and monitoring the promotions offered by various casinos, know all too well that they follow a certain pattern. Some offer first deposit bonuses, others run standard promotions that are aimed at attracting new players, but overall they are pretty much alike. This is why when Omni Casino officials told the media that they plan to launch a truly special promotion this August, many veteran players rose their eyebrows.

Their members get to play their favorite slot games and win a lot of money in the process, because all they need to do is to spin the reels at least 1500 times. There is also a minimal bet required but those who qualify for this promotion can hope to win an amount ranging from $50-$150. Those who hope to capitalize on their deposit and are ready to invest at least $77 will have it match 100% up to three times.

This means that as long as you have $231 to spare you will get the same amount credited to your account and then you will have to wager the entire sum at keno games, scratch cards, Asian games and slots. Diversity won’t be an issue and wagering requirements of 25x should be equally easy to meet, but keep in mind that they apply to the full amount. As a result, if you plan on withdrawing your profits make sure you deposit exactly $77 to optimize the play through process.

Weekends are a special time of the week for most people and casino players make no exception, especially with Omni Casino greatly increasing the payouts on Saturdays and Fridays. A royal flush of hearts will lead to doubled payouts, which means that players can win as much as an additional $1000 if they hit the aforementioned hand. The lucky winners should get in touch with the customer support to have the money credited to their account.