Playtech launches Thor The Mighty Avenger

This is only the latest release in the Playtech Marvel slot game, but one that promises to eclipse the previous installments. The name leaves no doubt about who is the leading character in this game and invites players to compete for large line payouts of 5000 coins. Numerous new features have been introduced to Thor The Mighty Avenger and the animations are more spectacular than ever, which means that this title has all the ingredients of success.

Players will be surely impressed with the introduction of the clip that gets them fully immersed into the atmosphere of the game depicting Thor in his endless battle against evil. The characters depicted by various signs are Odin, Loki, the Gatekeeper of Asgard, Heimdall, Sif and Master of the Bifrost Bridge. Vibrant colors and attention to details guarantee the success of Thor The Mighty Avenger while the special symbols make it more profitable, whenever they are activated.

Thor’s hammer represents the scatter symbol and is the one that awards free spins whose numbers vary depending on the reels on which it appears. The respins are also possible and since all the payouts are dramatically increased whenever they are active, players are provided with the opportunity of maximizing their payouts. There are several minigames that go by the name of Thunderstorm Respin, Lightning Free Spin and the Rainbow Bridge feature which award a combination of free spins and bonuses.

One of the most captivating game, pits the players that is the challenge of choosing between two types of different free spins, one corresponding to Earth and the other to Jotunheim, Frost Giants’ land. The difference goes well beyond names and players are actually involved in distinct minigames, each of them with different outcomes and payouts. Multipliers are also in order and they can increase the payouts two, three or four times, while the best paying ones push the limits to 16X multipliers. Last but not least, Thor The Mighty Avenger players also compete for the consistent Marvel Mystery Jackpot.