New lineup of multiplayer titles at Roxy Palace

There is no better way of starting the month than by enjoying a brand-new lineup of multiplayer games and that’s exactly what Roxy Palace members can do this August. Back in the day when online casinos made their first steps, players accepted the fact that the only way to compete was against the house and focused mostly on finding those titles that had the lowest house edge. The very idea that the house always wins is a bit disheartening for those who spin a lot of money but until recently there was no alternative.

In their attempt of combining the thrills of traditional online slots with the excitement of playing against your fellow slots enthusiasts, Microgaming developed multiplayer games. They are a relatively new addition to most of the online casinos collection but they are gaining a lot of popularity and it is very likely that they are here to stay. On one hand, they have a social component and encourage people to interact on multiple levels, despite the fact that they are competing against each other.

On the other, they are every bit as thrilling as their traditional counterparts, because the same exciting game mechanics and juicy jackpots are in store. Roxy Palace was among the first to introduce these innovative titles and one of them goes by the name of Karate Pig. The name might be a bit strange but the game itself is loads of fun and those who want to learn everything there is to know about this particular slot game should check out

The game retains all its original features but was enhanced with some multiplayer capabilities, making the amusing adventure even more thrilling. The standard 40 pay lines video slot has stacked wilds and this means that it is much easier to keep the winning combination. The multiplayer feature only adds to the fun, because players get the sense of being a part of the community and see the ones they are competing against. Sometimes it can be just as thrilling to win yourself as to watch a peer beat the odds.

The other game introduced by Roxy Palace is called Leagues of Fortune and it is very similar to regular five reel slots. Perhaps the most important difference is that it presents players with more than 1000 ways of winning, and they can collect a prize on virtually any spin. Spinning the reels for free with a chance of winning big is an excellent incentive to give these slots a chance and this particular one has no less than 35 such free spins. The icing on the cake is represented by the multiplier bonus which will increase any payouts five times and it applies exclusively to free spins.

More multiplayer games will be introduced soon by Microgaming and other software developers are bound to follow suit. As the number of such titles inches closer to 20, Roxy Palace is very likely to add more of them in the foreseeable future.