Your guide to casino slots online

Welcome to Casino Slots Guide – your guide to slot machines online and live. Here we explain what slot machines are, how you play them and what it takes to win at slots. We also review some of the more popular slot games, such as Jackpot 6000 and Super Lucky Frog.

If possible make sure you play on a progressive jackpot slot as the potential for winning BIG is so much greater, and that is why you play slots to begin with, isn’t it? Of course, should you just want to try out different slot machines you can play them for free – read more about this in our free slots guide. There’s a great guide on slot casinos at casinopånä Read up and learn more about playing casino slots before you deposit and start playing with money.

Casino slots – The modern casino

We all know what a casino is but most of us refer to old, classic casino games such as Black Jack, Poker, Roulette, Baccarat and other table games where you put money at stake and use chips. Today it´s a whole other business, especially on online casinos. The most popular games today are casino slots, a sort of one armed bandits. The rules are mostly simple but the slots often got some kind of tweak to make the game more fun and exciting. The great graphics and the sound effects is one of the reasons why so many people chose to play on slots. You get cool effects, sounds and a game experience out of the ordinary. So why not try casino slots yourself? They are only a few clicks away!

Get free spins on casino slots

Allmost every online casino offer free spins on the most popular slots when you register and open an account. Since the online casino market is under such high competition, the online casinos need to attract new players and a good way of doing that is to offer high bonuses and free spins. This is an offer that you really should use, it´s a great way to get a good start and to win some in order to get more money to play more or to try your luck on other casino games. Learn more about casino free spins.